Game of War

Project Title: Game of War

Completion Date: (ongoing game)


Develop new features to increase revenue and player retention for one of the top grossing mobile games.


Game of War is an online mobile game in which millions of players compete live in dominating a fictional land. Players build their cities, raise an army, and equip their heroes with gear in order to combat other players and become the Emperor of the world. Players are encouraged to play vigilantly and purchase sales to help give them an advantage over their competition while forming social links through Alliances.
Role: Game Designer

Creation Time: 5 Years

Play Time: Average Session Length = 60 minutes

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One of my chief responsibilities as a game designer was conceiving and developing new features to drive revenue. My most recent feature "One Click Core Set Crafting", allowed players to craft top of the line gear in a manor of seconds, taking a process that normally requires 70 in-game clicks to only 2. This feature was only available to top paying VIP members and provided in-game revenue lift immediately on its release.

Core Set gear are the most powerful items in game, sought after by all players and typically acquired through In-App Purchases. As a game designer, I was responsible for creating both the visual references for the artists and the actual stats for Core Set gear. The stat creation process involves balancing the new stats with the current game meta and managing power inflation.

One of Game of War’s biggest retention features are Player Vs. Environment Events or PVEs. PVEs pit players against roaming monsters that drop exclusive gear. Primarily in charge of PVEs, I worked with the art team to create the new monsters, developing tools to speed up PVE creation, and created the stats for new gear every week.