Nadav Pechthold

Systems Designer | Level Designer


Game Engines and Editors: Unreal 4, Source, Unity Spreadsheet Manipulation and Analysis Adobe Photoshop Economy Balancing 3DS Studio Max


Game Designer

Machine Zone

Systems and content designer for Game of War and Mobile Strike. Responsibilities included constructing Feature Design documentation and leading teams into feature completion, building Player vs. Environment encounters, and balancing the stats on new player gear and power ups.

Game Designer


Systems and Events designer for Spider-Man: Unlimited. Responsibilities included designing the player Alliance system, balancing Gacha mechanics, and creating new weekly player events that generate interest and revenue.

Associate Game Designer

Primary game designer on two major social gaming projects: Match Play and Match Game Night. Responsibilities included designing short, social mini-games to be used as ice breakers for potential customers, developing a UX that promotes conversation among users, and analyzing feedback from playtest sessions to improve player usability.


The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University

Master of Interactive Technology, Specializing in Level Design

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Arts and Sciences

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology