Spider-Man Unlimited

Project Title: Spider-Man Unlimited

Completion Date: (ongoing game)


Increase revenue and retention in a free-to-play runner game featuring Marvel's Spider-Man.


In Spider-Man Unlimited, players control Spider-Man, running through New York city while fighting enemies and avoiding obstacles. Players participate in a story against classic Spider-Man foes and limited time events to earn new collectible Spider-Man characters with new abilities and stats.
Role: Game Designer

Creation Time: 2 Years

Play Time: Average Session Length = 12 minutes

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My core responsibility on Spider-Man Unlimited was Event Designer. Events are limited runs in which players compete for special edition Spider-Men and other prizes. Events are designed to assist in retention, introduce new characters, villains, and environments, and sell Event Portal, limited time items.

Events are designed to cater to gamers of all levels of play. I balanced leaderboard prizes for hardcore players who sought high scores. For casual players, I balanced progressive objectives that award prizes based on continuous play.

Portals are Spider-Man Unlimited's greatest source of revenue. My duties was to create and update portals, filling them with a variety of playable characters and balancing their drop rates based on popularity and current Events.

I am tasked as a feature designer for new sources of revenue and retention on Spider-Man Unlimited. In addition to handling research and documentation, I used Photoshop to create high end mocks for our art department.

Using multiple mocks, I created easy to read flow diagrams, illustrating the user experience. These illustrations aided both the art and programming departments in conceptualizing the new features.