Game Night – Flash Project: Game Night

Completion Date: December 2012


To create a game lobby where users can play ice breaker games live with other users on


Game Night is a bi-weekly event for members. Members who log in during a Game Night event are transported to the Game Lobby (above), where they can play social ice breaker games with users in their Match preferences who are logged in.

My Roll

As a designer, my roll was to document and create a variety of games for Game Night. I led third party developers into making two games in addition to building one game from the ground up with in-house. I improved pre-existing games in our library by streamlining UI elements and updating game content based on collected test data.

I also ran and recorded test sessions, and organized data collected into readable documents and tables.

Below are examples of features and games I worked on that were shipped to the public.

Truths and Lies

         – Players take turns mixing true facts about their life with silly lies as their partners try to guess which is true.
         – I created the concept and design document for this game, as well mocked up the initial UI.
         – I worked with the artist help create the visual theme of a polygraph test.

If I Could

         – Players answer hypothetical questions about their personality together.
         – I created additional questions and added new photos to the database.
         – After my changes, "If I Could" saw considerably more play during test sessions with live users.

Our Story

         – Mad-Libs-like game where players create a romantic/funny story together.
         – I wrote and edited two thirds of the final stories used.



social gaming, dating, flash