Love Me – UDK

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Game Title: Love Me

Completed Date: May 2011


To develop a full platformer game with unique puzzle mechanics and an enticing story.


Love Me is a sidescrolling puzzle platformer that drives a story about romance. My core duties as level designer included creating a level and puzzles, decorating each environment, bug testing, and balancing puzzles.

My Roll

I constructed a Mall themed level including puzzles, enemies, and a final boss. Due to time constraints, the level was cut and I was given the duty of testing puzzles before I implemented them into the other levels. I also decorated the environments of each level with surreal decor in the background and foreground. I updated the game's bug list and LDD's throughout the project and worked alongside other designers, programmers, and artists.
Due to a shortness of artists on our team, I took art responsibilities including creating all particle effects in the game and building several static meshes in 3DS Max.
Role: Team Project – Level Designer

Engine: UDK

Engine: UDK

Game Type: Third Person Puzzle-Platformer, Single Player

Build Time: 16 Weeks

Play Time: 40 Minutes

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I developed a five floor level based on a mall. I developed puzzles, enemy spawn locations, and a final boss fight. The level was cut during its whitebox development due to time constraint.

One of my key duties was to create the environments for the player to explore. I filled the background and foreground with decor to build the world of the Friend Zone.

I tested each puzzle in a game demo. Once a puzzle was bug-free, I handed it off to another level designer where it was implemented into its appropriate level. I then tested each level in the latest build to ensure the progression of difficulty in each puzzle remained consistent.

I put together the boss cinematics for the game in addition to creating art assets and particle effects for the game.



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