Night at the Museum – Gears Engine

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Map Title: A Night at the Museum

Completion Date: December 2011


To create a complete Gears of War level including friendly squadron AI, multiple paths to combat enemies, destructible scenery, and a boss battle.


A Night at the Museum is a Gears of War map that takes place in an Ephyra museum. The players moves through different exhibits and encounters, each providing the player with different challenges.
The level features destructible and moving exhibits, three custom cinematics, and scripted squadron AI. Players can choose multiple methods in dealing with enemies such as taking alternate routes to surprise his targets or using the environment to his advantage.
Role: Solo Project

Engine: Gears of War Engine

Game Type: Third Person Shooter, Single Player

Build Time: 16 Weeks

Play Time: 30 Minutes

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I provide multiple paths for players to take during combat. In this room, players can rush forward, taking the Locust directly, or take the flanking route for a sneakier approach. Dom will always choose the opposite route to insure that the Locust are always flanked.

Some environment pieces can aid the player in interesting ways. Shooting this helicopter, for example, will cause it to crash onto a Locust Hole below, filling it up and killing nearby enemies.

Every room was deliberatly decorated differently to prevent players from getting lost in the big environment. The botany room, for example, is covered in lush, overgrown greenery.

The highlight of the level is an indoor Seeder battle. I created a puzzle for players by scripting destructible columns. After destroying all of them, the player is gifted with a ceiling collapsing on the Seeder.



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